I made this page to share to the world my stories about the various road trips I have taken. Although I’ve been driving on a regular basis since 1997, my debut into road-tripdom was in September of 2002. Roadtripping is a familiar activity for me. While serving in the Navy, I would drive whenever I took leave to go home or anywhere else, which were always long distances, usually 1000-plus miles. I preferred driving long distances as opposed to flying, taking the train or even hitchhiking. For one, the control of movement through space and time to get to my destination could not necessarily be had with flying or by rail. Once I arrived at my destination I also had the freedom to move about whenever I wanted. I also have more cargo space with my own vehicle. Additionally, the privacy I had in my own vehicle could not be had in a plane or a train or riding with someone else.

The stories I share with you are significant because they are just that: stories. They are stories because they hold unique occurrences of my life at a particular time and because I find them interesting. Because of this I find it a bit narcissistic to even share them with you, however I feel they must be told. I could probably say that the some of the most interesting parts of my life occurred because of or during my road trips between the years 2002 to 2009. I will examine my life from the perspective of a series of road trips over the period of these seven years. Hopefully my stories will reveal something to you not just about my character but the character of contemporary American society.

As I look back upon my life crisscrossing the American landscape, the miles traveled, the vehicles driven, the gas stations, the various methods I took to keep myself awake while driving, I wonder how I did not end up in prison, or dead…